Herbal Bowel Cleanser Powder

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Herbal Bowel Cleanser Powder

Package :  100g bottle


Herbal bowel cleanser has the goodness of Triphala, senna and Yavani which are renowned for their digestive and laxative properties. Triphala not only cleanses the bowel but also helps in revitalizing the body and loosing extra weight. Regular use of Bowel cleanser helps in removing the toxins accumulating inside the intestine due to unhealthy food habits. With Methi and shunthi as ingredients, the powder is also beneficial in reducing triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.


Triphala 30 g,Senna 25 g,Yavani 10 g,Shunti 10 g,Methi 10 g,Mishreya 10 g,Sauvarchala Lavana 5 g



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