Herbal Eye Care Powder

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Herbal Eye Care Powder

Package :  100g bottle


Herbal eye care powder is a unique product of Jindal used for several years to treat many eye diseases. The regular use of eye wash prepared from this eye care powder is shown to reduce the burning sensation in eyes, bring a cooling effect, reduce irritation and other common eye problems due to prolonged exposure to computer screen. Internally when taken, triphala balances the three doshas (body humours) and helps maintain the health of vital organs including eye.
Beneficial in eye allergies
Protects Eyes
Redness and Burning sensation of Eyes
Dryness of Eyes, Irritation, IT Engineers using monitors for long


Haritaki - 29g, Vibhitaki - 29g, Amalaki - 29g, Karpoora satva - 13g



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