Mahanarayana Taila

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Mahanarayana Taila

Package :  200 ml

Mahanarayana Taila is a classical massage oil prepared from a blend of nourishing as well as restorative herbs like Shatavari, Dashamoola, Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu and many more. Gentle massage with this oil reduces muscle tension and treat sore muscles and joints. The oil is particularly good for supporting an active lifestyle, for those experiencing high Vata and physical discomfort


Each 100ml is prepared out of:
Bilva: 15g, Ashwagandha: 15g, Brihati: 15g, Gokshura: 15g, Shyonaka: 15g, Balamoola: 15g, Paribhadra: 15g, Kantakari: 15g, Rakta punarnava: 15g, Atibala: 15g, Agnimantha: 15g, Prasarini: 15g, Patala: 15g,  Go dugdha: 98ml, Shatavari rasa: 98ml, Rasna: 2g, Ashvagandha: 2g, Mishreya: 2g, Devadaru: 2g, Kushta: 2g, Shalaparni: 2g, Prishniparni: 2g, Mudgaparni: 2g etc


Take sufficient quantity oil and massage over the affected part followed by hot fomentation or use as directed by the physician.

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