Skin Support Tablets

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Skin Support Tablets

Package :  60 Tablets


 Skin support tablet is a proprietary Ayurveda product composed of herbs like Daruharidra, Manjishta, Sariva etc which help in correcting liver function and naturally purifying the blood. They are well known for their antiseptic, antiviral and antiallergic properties, thus aids in the treatment of various skin problems and allergies. 


Each 600mg tablet consists of:
Nimba: 60mg, Haridra: 20mg, Daruharidra: 30mg, Manjishta: 60mg, Sariva: 60mg, Yashtimadhu: 40mg, Katuki: 40mg, Bringaraja: 40mg, Bakuchi: 40mg, Vidanga: 50mg,
Khadira: 40mg, Mandukaparni: 60mg, Kalamegha: 60mg


2 tablets twice a day after food with warm water or as directed by the physician.

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