Avipattikara Churna

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Avipattikara Churna

Package :   100 g bottle



For Gastro Intestinal Tract & Liver Health
Chronic Gastritis
Urinary Track Infections
Kidney Stones
Heartburn sensation

It can be used in the treatment of urinary disorders like renal stone and urinary infections because it is a strong antibacterial agent and ensures destruction and elimination of the bacteria in the urinary tract to treat urinary infections.


"Shunti 0.75g,Maricha 0.75g,Pippali 0.75g,Harithaki 0.75g,Vibhitaki 0.75g,Amalaki 0.75g,Musta 0.75g,Vida Lavana 0.75g,Vidanga 0.75g,Ela 0.75g,Patra 0.75g,Lavanga 8.3g,Trivrut 33.2g,Sarkara 50G


3-6 grams with Honey or water or Milk, twice a day,or as directed by the physician

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