Digestive Tea

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Digestive Tea

Package :  2.5 g x 25 sachets


Digestive tea is a wonderful drink in the form of hot infusion. Fennel, Ajwain and Ginger are the key ingredients also called as Grandmas recipe for indigestion. Black salt facilitates the movement of intestines. Being hot in potency, these ingredients help in providing instant relief from flatulence and other digestive problems. Also regular intake of digestive tea will help increase the appetite and support gastric health.


Pudina dry,Ginger dry ,Ajwain,Pepper,Black Jeera,Cardamom,Fennel seeds,Black salt,Liquoric root


Heat up / boil water and pour to a cup / mug. Add a Digestive tea bag and allow it to seep for 3 to 5 mins. Remove the bag and enjoy the drink.

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