Herbal Bathing Powder

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Herbal Bathing Powder

Package :  10g x 25 sachets


Herbal bathing powder is made of natural ingredients and is devoid of chemical lathering agents. The green gram flour is an age old product for cleansing the body and removing tan. Enriched with neem and Amla, the bathing powder is useful in fungal infections, allergic infections, eczema and psoriasis. The black clay not only removes dirt and oil from the skin but also helps reduce tan, prevent acne and other blemishes. With the mild aroma and refreshing effect of lemon, our herbal bathing powder is an excellent choice to have a revitalizing bath.


"Chanaka 40g,Amalaki 10g,Gairika 10g,Nimba 10g,Nimbuka 10g,Saindhava lavana 10g,Krishna mruttika 10g


Take 10g of powder and sufficient amount of water to make a paste. Gently rub all over the body followed by bath or use as directed by physician.

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