Natural Cough Relief Powder

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Natural Cough Relief Powder

Package :   100g bottle


Natural cough relief powder relieves cough naturally. It consists of yavani and yashtimadhu which are beneficial for all types of cough due to their antimicrobial, antitussive and bronchodilatory effect. Yavani's digestive property has an added effect on cough produced due to indigestion or Gastro oesophagial reflux. The hoarsenes of voice and burning in the throat due to the reflux is also easily tackled by Yashtimadhu. The powder gives best results when taken along with honey

For Respiratory Health
Cough and Cold
Sleeplessness and Hoarseness in Voice


"Yavani 30 g,Yastimadhu 20 g,Maricha 15 g,Shunti 15 g,Haridra 10 g,Hingu 5 g,Saindhava Lavana 5 g


3-5 grams thrice a day with warm water, Honey or as directed by the Physician

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